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We can promote any Events or Products that you wish to give publicity. Initially we need to get the answer few questions to plan our strategy. Then We will suggest you some ways about " HOW " we are going to do that.
There are a lot of ways to do promotions. Online & Offline.Let us look at both the strategy and the tactics for promoting local events: First I discuss some general conventions regarding promoting events, then I elaborate on specific tactics and tools. The goal of this post is to serve as a checklist for anyone that needs to promote a local event.

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Who, What, When, Why?

Visualize what the final result of the event should look like, clarify the purpose of the event, then determine the actual tasks need to realize that vision. Remember that the actual tasks are secondary to the desired result. With that frame of mind you can maintain flexibility while keeping focused.


Use internet search engines like Google and the "websites where you can post your event" to investigate events similar to yours. Google the titles of those events to determine what online marketing channels they used. Search through old emails to examine marketing copy used for other similar successful events.


Be careful of scheduling your event during the same time as an event that will potentially rob your market share. Understand what times are best for your target market. You may want to call a few of the potential attendees and ask their opinion.

Lead Time

In general you want to have four to eight weeks of lead time. To get a more accurate measure, using your research, find out when similar events that were successful started announcing their event.


Team up with organizations that cater to your market. Determine whose mailing lists your target market appears on. Look for partners that would also find value in your target market. Utilize your partners' mailing lists, social media profiles and websites.

Tactics & Tools


Website is a powerful media to promote a local event. Review the websites of successful events that are similar to yours.
Tailor your web copy around the value you are providing to the target market. Utilize testimonials if possible. Video testimonials are very powerful, or photos mixed in with testimonials.

Email & SMS Blasts

Get straight to the point. Include the who, what, when and why similar to how I describe for the registration page. Encourage the recipient to forward the invitation to friends who may interested. Be wary of generic email or SMS blasts, keep it relevant.

Check your local newspapers, magazines, radio stations and television stations websites for advertising opportunities or ask to be in their local calendar.

Check out your local chamber of commerce. In some cases they promote events on their websites or send out email blasts to their members.

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